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Recovery programs are important in addiction treatment because without them relapse is likely. Addictions involve ingrained habits that need to be broken and replaced with new, healthier habits. Recovery aftercare can provide a solid structure and emotional support for addicts who are newly sober or maintaining a sober lifestyle.

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Cognitive/Behavioral Treatments

One of the most effective recovery programs follows the cognitive/behavioral model. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps the patient understand their addiction, why they became addicted, and what situations or events triggered their addictive behaviors. Gaining understanding of the processes involved helps the recovering patient to develop new strategies.

Motivational Methods

Another approach is the motivational model in which the recovering person is given incentives to remain free of their addiction. One reason why many recovering addicts return to their addiction is that their level of motivation declines over time. They may simply forget how bad they felt, or may think taking drugs or drinking was an easier way to cope. Without help to keep motivated they may forget how dangerous addiction can be.

A 2005 study funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) found that Motivational Incentive (MI) programs were effective at keeping drug addicts in recovery and preventing relapse longer. In some programs patients receive vouchers for items or services if they remain drug-free and in their treatment programs. In others patients are given the chance to win prizes if they remain in treatment. This is effective even if the prizes are worth very little.

Abstinence Recovery Programs

Twelve-step programs such as alcoholics anonymous, narcotics anonymous, and gamblers anonymous are based on agreeing on abstinence for life and relapse prevention methods. Members attend several meetings a week and follow a well-defined series of steps.

The first steps include admitting the addiction is uncontrollable without help and surrendering to a higher power to restore sanity. Other steps deal with looking at past errors and making amends for them. The remaining steps are centered on learning how to live without the addiction, adopting new codes of behavior, and helping others suffering from the same addiction.

Another drug treatment therapy model is SMART Recovery, which recommends that anyone who has developed a serious addiction commit themselves to abstaining, since this is simpler and more successful than struggling with moderation. Their program helps recovering addicts to maintain motivation and teaches them how to cope with cravings and learn to live a balanced life that has no need for addiction.

Other Therapies

Many other therapies are available and often used along with other drug addiction treatments. Among these, music and art therapy are increasingly used to help people in recovery express their emotions and vent frustrations. Art and music can lift the spirits and make participants more optimistic and motivated. No previous knowledge or talent is needed.

Another recovery program growing in popularity is restorative yoga. This therapeutic activity teaches participants to control breathing, calm the mind, and increase the body’s flexibility. Yoga gives people in recovery a new way of coping with cravings and the irritability associated with them, and tends to make them feel more in control.

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