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Drug addiction is a complex issue that affects millions of people in the United States. It can be difficult to admit you have a problem and need drug rehab: You may think you’re in control of your drug use and can stop if you want. However, addiction is a serious condition, and drug rehab is required to help break the physical and psychological dependency on the substance.

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Addiction Facts and Figures

Many people mistakenly believe that drug addiction is merely a bad habit, but it’s actually a chronic and relapsing disease that affects the body and the mind. If you enter a drug rehab program, you’ll be treated for both the physical and psychological aspects of the disease.

The medical detoxification process enables you to break the chemical dependency on your drug of addiction, but detox alone is not enough. The urge to use will remain long after you’ve overcome your physical addiction, so psychological treatment is an essential part of drug rehab.

Not only do drug treatment centers handle all facets of addiction, but they also offer treatment programs to address a variety of addictions. Drug addiction is sometimes associated with illicit street drugs like crystal meth and heroin: While these illegal drugs do account for a fair number of drug rehab center admissions, prescription drugs have become some of the most widely-abused drugs in the country.

It’s not uncommon to suffer from a drug addiction; in fact, research by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) suggests that over 23 million adults in the United States have a problem with substance abuse. A broad treatment gap exists, and only a small number of these people will receive the help they need.

Secondary Addictions

Some individuals with a drug addiction also develop a secondary addiction to a behavior or activity. Compulsive gambling, sex addiction, and eating disorders are common among people with a drug or alcohol problem. These secondary addictions can cause the same personal problems and feelings of shame as the primary substance addiction.

The cognitive-behavioral therapy included in most addiction treatment programs can also help patients conquer a secondary addiction. In therapy, patients learn how to substitute healthier habits and activities for their previous destructive behaviors.

Drug Addiction Treatment

If you’re planning to enter a drug treatment program, you’ll need to choose between an inpatient and outpatient setting. While many patients benefit from the flexible nature of an outpatient setting, there are compelling reasons to consider a residential program. The withdrawal symptoms of some drugs of addiction can be dangerous.

The round-the-clock supervision of an inpatient program will ensure that you remain safe and comfortable at all times. You may also find that the supportive, trigger-free environment of a residential program helps you get through the initial weeks of recovery more smoothly. Inpatient rehab is also recommended if you have a history of clinical depression or suicidal behavior.

Regardless of the setting, most drug rehab programs offer a combination of psychotherapy and behavior modification. In addition to these therapies, medication is often incorporated into a treatment program. Multiple treatment medications are available to ease the symptoms of withdrawal and block cravings for a drug. These medications may be used for a period of time and then tapered off gradually when you’re ready to handle a completely drug-free lifestyle.

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